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Our Story

Discover Pure Hair

Immerse yourself in the world of pH Laboratories, a dynamic and pioneering Italian powerhouse dedicated to crafting luxury hair care that transcends mere treatment. Founded in 2013, our journey began with Argan & Keratin, an opulent ode to color and post-color care, infused with precious argan oil and keratin.  

Fueled by the success of this range, we embarked on a new adventure in 2018, broadening our horizons and launching ourselves on the flower market, a veritable hymn to beauty and  sensory indulgence. Enriched with exquisite floral extracts and oils, these products transform salon experiences into distinctively exclusive beauty rituals for the senses. 

Our Values

Innovation, unwavering quality, and unparalleled performance are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We meticulously search for effective, high-performing formulas that deliver professional-grade results while remaining delightfully user-friendly. 

Equally important is the artistry of the experience. We design our products with modern elegance and craft enveloping, signature fragrances, creating a holistic sensory journey for every hair care routine. 

pH in the World 

We understand the importance of highly-effective products which is why our hair care products come with enveloping floral fragrances that make sure the customers experience hair care that is unimpeded by the putrid smells that often accompany chemical treatments. For us ‘Made in Italy’ is synonymous with seamless quality that is uncompromising and not limited by borders. 

Global Partners across 40 countries: We believe that talent and professionalism are the cornerstones of outstanding hair care. Join our global community of passionate stylists and discover a brand dedicated to synergy, collaboration, and shared growth.

Join the pH Family 

Unlock a world of premium hair care and exclusive benefits by joining the pH Family. Join us to indulge in luxury hair care products, personalized recommendations, and effortlessly track your orders for a seamless journey with us. Sign up now to elevate your hair care routine and be a part of our exclusive community.