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Indulge in pure formulations, exquisitely packaged, for an exclusive hair care ritual. Where quality, design, and sustainability meet to enhance your natural beauty. Awaken your senses and emotions with our captivating fragrances, rich textures, and professional-grade formulas, crafted to transform your pure beauty into a pure inspiration.

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Uncompromising quality and meticulous craftsmanship lies at the heart of every pH product. Our formulations are diligently tested and comply with the highest quality standards, ensuring maximum results with every use.

Discover a line of premium, luxury hair care products & fragrance shampoos that are especially designed to pamper your hair in the salon and at home. Every product is crafted carefully to elevate your hair care routine into an unforgettable sensory experience. So treat yourself to the unforgettable luxury experience you deserve, with sophisticated packaging that epitomizes your discerning taste.


Hair Rebirth

Unlocking the Secret to Hair Rebirth: pH Pure Repair's Journey to Hair Restoration

Don’t let your hair be the victim of excessive bleaching, round-the-clock styling and other “nice” but bad for the tresses treatments – cavalry to save it has arrived! The pH Pure Repair range aims...

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pH Pure Repair Range

From Damage to Pure: The Incredible Transformation of Hair with pH Pure Repair Range

Indulge in the elegance of pH Pure Repair Range, where luxurious care meets the artistry of hair revival. We realize that one’s hair is an expression of their individuality, subject to the rigors o...

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pH Hair Care for Nourished Locks

Glowing Results: pH Hair Care for Radiant and Nourished Locks

Navigating the hair care industry can be daunting, with countless options at your fingertips in pursuit of lustrous locks. Enter pH Hair Care to illuminate and enhance your hair routine into an lux...

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Embark on a journey of sensory experience with the exquisitely professional fragrance hair care by pH Laboratories. The Italian powerhouse is world-renowned for its luxury hair care products formulated with enveloping floral notes & high-performing ingredients, unwavering commitment to quality, and extensive collection.

Feel The Difference with pH

Our professional hair care collection, unlike any other, is a symphony of luxury hair care products that is enriched with precious oils and floral extracts. These products are formulated with well-rounded fragrances that blend seamlessly with sensory textures. They come with a promise to rebuild every hair care ritual into a unique and indelible experience.

Discover Your Perfect pH Match:

Explore our diverse range of luxury hair care products, each crafted with unique benefits for specific hair concerns and captivating fragrances to elevate your hair journey.

Color Care

The Color Range rebalances your hair's pH, leaving it healthy, moisturized, and vibrant. Indulge your senses with a range that has fresh, fruity top notes mingling with oriental musks. Formulated with argan oil and keratin, the products in this range will make your color-treated hair thick, vibrant and glossy again.

Sun Care

Embrace the sun but don’t forget to protect your hair. Our Sun Care collection is a hair care essential, shielding your hair from the harmful UVA/UVB rays while promoting a healthy growth. Enriched with liquorice and orange blossom extract and invigorating citrus and floral notes, these products have anti-hair loss, regenerative and energizing properties that add a touch of celestial shine to your hair.

Ice Blonde

Embrace and preserve those icy cool strands with this dedicated range. This moisturizing range neutralizes unwanted brassy, copper tones with blue-violet pigments, while top notes of citrus and base notes of sandalwood and white musk transport you to a summer oasis. Illipe butter and jasmine extract nourish dry, stressed strands, making blonde dreams an extended reality.

More Volume

Indulge your senses and your hair with our specially curated range of floral-scented volumizing products. These lightweight formulas gently lift and thicken the strands, leaving them bouncy, full of life. Each fragrance adds a touch of elegance while lifting roots and boosting the length.

Anti-Hair Loss

Worried about hair loss and bald patches? The Anti Hair Loss range is your hair-thickening ally. Think of it as a revitalizing scalp tonic, infused with citrus and floral notes that awaken your senses. Liquorice and orange blossom extract work their magic, promoting healthy hair growth and leaving you feeling confident and empowered.


The products in this Moisturizing range are a hydration haven acting as an elixir for dry, thirsty strands. They are packed with gourmand notes intermingling with the scent of delicate rose, along with floral, and vanilla scent facilitating an olfactory escape for you. Formulated with kokum nut butter and rose extract, and monoi oil and magnolia extract - this range infuses your hair with moisture and shine, banishing the unruliness and transforming your locks into a manageable, touchably-soft dream.

Damaged Hair and Split Ends

Bleached, brittle, broken? The rejuvenating range with the Botox Effect Reconstruction System will be your hair's second chance. Think of it as a luxurious spa treatment in a bottle, repairing and restructuring even the most damaged strands. Spicy, floral, and woody notes indulge your senses while hyaluronic acid and keratin work their magic, leaving your hair stronger, shinier, and more manageable.

Explore the Signature Products by pH

Begin a journey of exquisite hair care with pH, where Italian craftsmanship meets the vibrancy of India. Discover transformative products designed to elevate your everyday routine, each infused with the brand's commitment to luxury and sophisticated fragrances.


Bathe your hair in a luxurious cleanse with our fragrance shampoos. Gentle yet effective, they remove impurities without stripping natural oils. Each formula boasts unique benefits, from Color Care's vibrant protection to Anti-Hair Loss' invigorating scalp stimulation and hair strengthening. From fresh citrus whispers to delicate floral murmurs, indulge in sensorial heaven with every wash.


Embrace the ritual of nourishment with our conditioners. Enriched with diverse premium ingredients like argan oil and keratin in one range to monoi oil and magnolia extract in the other, they deeply hydrate and detangle, leaving your hair silky smooth and manageable.


Target specific hair needs with our specially curated treatments. Whether you seek deep repair with the Botox Effect Reconstruction System to intense hydration with the Deep Moisture Mask, these concentrated formulas deliver a salon-worthy transformation. Immerse yourself in a multi-fold olfactory experience with scents that range from spicy and woody depths to floral fragrances and vanilla whispers as you revitalize your hair.


Add an extra dose of hydration to your hair with our leave-in miracles. These multi-tasking products offer heat protection, management of unruliness, and ease of detangling, all in a lightweight formula. Choose from ranges like Ice Blonde's detangler for sun-kissed strands to Argan and Keratin detangler for sleek, glossy perfection. Each application releases a wave of delicate florals or captivating musk, lingering throughout the day.


Sculpt your dream hairstyle with our versatile styling products. From Instant Dry Shampoo for immediate release from greasy locks to Texturising Spray for effortless volume, each formula features flexible control without stiffness. Create polished looks with a touch of fresh citrus or romantic floral allure.


The final touch to your masterpiece! Our finishing products add a flawless polish and luminous shine. Choose from products like Argan & Keratin Elixir for sleek perfection to Scented Shine Spray for instant glossiness. Each application leaves a hint of sensual and exotic whispers or playfully fruity smells, lingering with every movement.

Hair Color

Embrace vibrant transformation with our hair color range. Formulated with respect for your hair's health, our colors deliver rich, long-lasting results while protecting against damage. Unleash your inner color chameleon while enjoying sensorial haven without the chemical stench.


Achieve your desired color with confidence. Our developers are engineered for optimal performance and minimal damage. Achieve perfect lift and vibrant results with professional-grade formulas, leaving your hair feeling healthy and strong.


We offer reliable bleaching formulas that deliver predictable results and come with a superior lightning power. Rest assured, even technical processes can be a sensory experience with pH Laboratories' products that are infused with serene fragrances which keep you protected against the putrid smells ordinarily experienced in various chemical processes.

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