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This 4-step Hair Care Routine Will Unlock Happiness

Following a hair care routine is a daunting process that is full of trial and error, especially when it comes to the winter season. However, once you get it right, we promise there will be no turning back!

Each one’s hair care routine will differ from the other based on their hair length, hair type, virgin or chemical treated hair, frequency of heat styling, etc. But it all boils down to consistency – rule #1 is to pay extra close attention to your hair, regularly! The changing seasons also affect your hair, so switching up your hair care regime periodically will definitely help to solve problems of hairfall, scalp problems, and dryness.

At some point, we all have issues with our hair, be it oiliness, roughness, frizz etc. Once we target the problem, finding the solution is a cakewalk. Of course, there’s a plethora of options on the shelves, but that’s where we make life easier for you. So if you’re wondering, “how can I do my hair care routine at home?” here’s an easy hair care routine to follow, that promises the healthiest, thickest, and shiniest hair!

And before you worry about this being an elaborate process, here’s the good news – you don’t need a dozen products to get the hair of your dreams, all you need is a few pH hair care products to sort your hair woes out completely. An industry leader and go-to for all things hair, pH understands your hair issues from the root (literally), and the brand has set just the right tone for hair care routines in india.

Here’s a simple 4 step hair care routine that’s both highly effective and practical…

1. Shampoo For Deep Cleansing

Depending on the condition of your hair, you can use a clarifying shampoo that works at a deeper level to remove buildup from the hair or a daily use shampoo for regular use. pH has a good range of shampoos like deep moisture shampoo, smooth perfect shampoo, rejuvenating shampoo, after sun shampoo, etc that work wonders on your hair.

This deep moisture shampoo comes enriched with kokum nut butter and rose extract that has a hydrating and regenerating effect. It cleanses the hair making it healthy, soft and scented. Include this in your hair care routine for dry hair to bring it back to life.

2. Deep Conditioners

Never skip conditioners. They enhance the protection and seal in the moisture in your hair, giving it a healthy, lustrous look. You can use deep conditioners after shampooing your hair or masques for intense conditioning. If you want longer conditioning, you can opt for leave-in conditioners. It allows for an increased level of nourishment. Include this in your hair care routine for frizzy hair.

Try the pH deep moisture conditioner for dehydrated, frizzy hair to make it silky, smooth and easily manageable. It comes with the goodness of kokum nut butter and rose extract to heal your hair from within.

3. Detangling Spray Or Serum

After washing and conditioning your hair, it’s always advisable to apply a detangling spray or serum before trying to comb out your knots. It’s an efficient way to manage those knots without struggling. It can condition hair and make it softer so make sure to include this in your hair care routine for hair fall.

pH argan keratin elixir serum is enriched with argan oil and keratin that nourishes and controls hair giving it a silky shiny look.

pH hydrating leave in detangler is enriched with vanilla and iris extracts and is suitable for all hair types. It makes the hair instantly soft, shiny and scented and works great against frizz and static electricity effects.

4. Protect Before Styling

We all love our hair to be styled but needless to say that you shouldn’t style your hair without protecting it beforehand. Heat can cause some serious damage to your hair strands. Therefore, heat protection spray is a non-negotiable product that you must have if you style your hair regularly. These sprays create a barrier to prevent exposure to extreme heat. So make sure to include this in your hair care routine to prevent damaged hair.

The pH thermo-protective smoothing cream is enriched with vanilla and iris extracts that is a smooth effect cream. It tames, moisturizes, eliminates fizziness, and protects from heat sources.

We bet you are going to nail your hair care routine with these products. These are the best basic hair care routine practices for your hair. Switch to a hair care routine with pH products, and notice the difference from the first try itself. And remember… consistency is key!