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We’ve all had bad hair days. Endless frizz, coupled with knots that never want to untangle. Not to mention all the hair fall after! Despite it all, we need to make sure that our hair looks lustrous, silky, and vibrant.

Adopting a haircare routine is the right way to go. The best product mix could transform dull, damaged hair into gorgeous flowing locks. You just need to know where to look!

pH, as a brand, lives and breathes in the haircare space. Hailing from Italy, each part of our range, right from shampoos to leave-in products, surpass excellence. Starting as a luxurious brand for colour and post-colour treatment, pH brought the unique world of natural ingredients to the forefront. Soon after, pH branched out into the space of flower power, enriching products with floral extracts. No matter what your hair type, you’ll find the perfect routinewithpH.

Here’s what makes the pH haircare routine a class apart:


pH is always innovating, finding new formulations that restore and transform hair. Our products are miniature spa treatments in a bottle. We only offer cutting-edge solutions backed by research. Apart from being present in at premium salons and spas, we’re making a mark in luxurious haircare routines for consumers.

Our motto revolves around delivering high-quality products that are the very picture of sophistication. Even the packaging aims to create a sensorial experience. We want you to feel empowered and elegant as you use our products. Moreover, our complete product range is created from natural ingredients, healing your hair from the roots.

Of course, the right hair product does the job right, but we enhance your experience with delightful fragrances that make heads turn. Your journey from shower to post-shower care will always be tranquil, relaxing, and meaningful.

Haircare routine with pH
A typical haircare routine with pH would include a lovely melange of natural ingredients including floral extracts, argan oil, keratin, and more!

• It all starts with the perfect shampoo for your hair type from hydrating to colour sensitive. Explore our range here.
• The comes conditioner, which you should apply from the middle of your hair to the ends. Check them out.
• The treatment part is a crucial step, including rejuvenating masks for added moisture. Choose yours here.
• An important final step that a lot of people tend to leave out is the leave-in step. Our leave-in options protect your hair from damage and dehydration.

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