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A wise woman once said, “Love isn’t in the air, love is in the hair”.
A person’s hair and how neat it looks has a huge impact on their sartorial impression. Hairdressers and enthusiasts have studied the in-depth effect that different textures and styles have on a person’s persona. Read more to find out the trends of 2022 that you need to try ASAP!

For the longest time women were finding happiness in two aesthetics. It was either silky straight hair or curly hair. Very recently have we started embracing the beauty of waves. A style that targets women in between. *Asian women represent!* Achieving the perfect wave shape can be a little hard depending upon the shape and texture of your natural hair. Shaping mousse with medium hold, like this one from pH Styling Mousse helps in maintaining the shape of the wave. This mousse is ideal for drying with a hairdryer and/or a diffuser. It defines, eliminates frizz and leaves the hair soft and bouncy.
Have you given a shot at beachy waves yet?

How to use it – Shake well before use, apply to damp hair, proceed to the desired styling.

What’s special about this – The pH Styling Mousse is enriched with Vanilla & Iris Extracts and creates a beautiful fragrance around you.

A large percent of Asian men and women possess a beautiful curly mane. Maintaining the shine on this texture can be a bit challenging! pH’s Scented Shine Spray can help with this concern. This glossifying spray makes your hair instantly soft, shiny and scented.

How to use it – Spray onto dry hair.
What’s special about this – The pH’s Scented Shine Spray has top notes of fruity, heart notes of floral and base notes of chypre.
What’s special about this – Along with keeping your hair in desired shape, pH’s Extra strong Hairspray takes you on a beautiful voyage of aromatic senses.


It is no news that straight and short hair is effortlessly gorgeous. It’s beautiful on its own and doesn’t require a lot of fuss to look neat. Because of how effortless and appealing on the eyes, it gives your outfit a bolder impression. To maintain the slick straight look, apply the Thermal-protective Smoothing Creme by pH. This creme tames, moisturises, eliminates frizziness and protects from heat sources. To style & finish, use pH’s Sea Salt Spray for added bounce.

How to use it – Apply the Smoothing Creme to damp or dry hair. Do not rinse. Spray the Sea Salt Spray onto damp or dry hair at a distance of about 20 cm and then style with your hands.

What’s special about this – The Smoothing Creme helps keep your hair slick and fragrant for upto 48 hours.*\

Braids are trendy – only when they are loose milkmaid braids! This versatile way of folding your hair can be made towards the start of your hair, on your crown or towards the bottom. Opt for this style when you want to spruce up your floral dress or neutral loungewear. For an elegant milkmaid braid, the pattern has to stay. pH’s Extra strong Hairspray helps keep that pattern, fixes the desired style for a long-lasting defined look. Easy to use, does not weigh the hair down and dries quickly.

How to use it – Spray on dry hair at a distance of 20 cm.


When we had just dabbled into the quarantine lifestyle, we recall the creative hair colour phase trending on Instagram. If cottage-core is your aesthetic and you like to experiment, go ahead and apply the pH Styling Mousse while trying to snap the perfect selfie for ‘gram. A Shaping Mousse with medium hold is ideal for drying with a hairdryer and/or diffuser. It defines, eliminates frizz and leaves the hair soft and bouncy.

How to use it – Shake well before use, apply to damp hair, proceed to the desired styling.

What’s special about this – The pH Styling Mousse is an anti-static medium hold mousse that does not allow the hair to feel too sticky or heavy.

For everytime Billie Elish tries a new hair colour we live our hair colour fantasy – through her! Do not be afraid of maintaining hair that is bold. To wing your look, try using pH’s Ice Blonde Collection which offers an Ice Blonde Shampoo and an Ice Blonde Leave-in Detangler. These are anti-yellow for cold blonde reflexes. Ice Blonde is an ideal moisturising treatment for bleached hair and highlights / super lighteners. They eliminate and counteract undesired warm reflexes thanks to blue-violet pigments. They cleanse leaving the hair healthy, soft and scented.

How to use it – Emulsify on damp hair, massage and rinse.
What’s special about this – pH’s Ice Blonde Collection helps maintain and pro-long Blonde and Neon Shades.

Purely inspired by the runway, the wet hair look is a favourite amongst influencers and people on the internet. This style is much easier to maintain in a cold climate than a humid one, contrary to its name! The key to achieving a dripping-looking texture is locking down your hair when it’s halfway dry. Sopping wet hair won’t absorb help since the products you use to create definition will slurp away.. If you have straight hair, towel dry first. Use pH’s Texturising Spray to create hold. After hand forming the shape you desire, touch up your look with pH’s Scented Shine Spray. This gives the look a shine mandatory to reflect this damp look. Spray the Shine Spray into dry hair.

How to use it – Shake the Texturising Spray well and spray on dry hair from roots to lengths at a distance of 20 cm.
What’s special about this – The fragrance of these include a top note of floral, heart notes of fruity and base notes of cyphre, which lasts upto 24 hours.*

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