Men’s Hairstyling With pH Products

Published: 8/September/21/11:14: 09:15

Contrary to popular belief, men have a tonne of hair concerns too! What products are right for a certain cut? How do you untangle those knots? How does one take care of severely dry hair? Which products will keep your hair in place without doing any damage? The questions are endless; only reaffirming the fact that self-maintenance isn’t something that only pertains to women. With time, guys have realised that showing interest in how their skin or hair looks, is in no way a threat to their masculinity. In fact, if anything, these concerns cancel those stereotypical beliefs and help
add a sense of inclusivity. Self-care is important, and gender has nothing to do with it!

If you’ve related so far, chances are you’re a man with interest in sourcing the right hair styling products for yourself. Well, you’re on the right page! pH has a wide range of haircare products that are ideal for anyone who is looking to give their locks the upgrade it deserves. Ever imagined having hair that’s Instagram ready at any given point on the
day? Here are some products that can help you achieve that goal…

Turn Up The Volume With pH’s Styling Mousse
If you’ve never tried hair mousse before, there are plenty of good reasons to go for it! The foam-based hair styling agent not only lifts your hair, it’s also great to tame it and create a look that’s full and lifted. pH’s styling mousse offers a medium hold, and is ideal for those who want to eliminate any frizz. The products are unlike any other, since the
perfect blend of how it makes you look, feel, and even smell, ensures a complete sensorial experience!

Texturizing Spray To Enjoy A Carefree Hair Day
If you think the only way to achieve a satin finish on your hair is to straighten it, pH’s texturising spray will defy that belief! The product boasts of providing men even the most voluminous mane with that perfect, lustrous look. Not to mention, the fresh fragrance will make hair smell so good, it’s bound to turn heads!

A Shine Spray So Good, It’ll Make You Scentimental
The Scented Shine Spray from pH is for those guys who take pride in not only the way their hair looks, but also how it smells! Enriched with Iris and Vanilla extracts, this product provides you with instant upgrade. The greatest part? The process is effortless! Just spray it on to dry hair and watch it take you from drab to fab! We warned you — It’s so good, it might make you scentimental!

Last Longer With pH’s Extra Strong Hair Spray
Know how to last longer? You’re surely a man who has used Extra Strong Hair Spray! As the name suggests, this product is a powerful one, that helps keep your hair in place for as long as you need. Remember all those times you’ve styled it to perfection and then wished it could stay fixed like that? This product makes it happen! It’s easy to use, smells great, dries quickly, and doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Detangle Your Hair Woes With pH’s Hydrating Leave-In Formula
Knotting really matters! If you’re someone that has been dealing with dry hair that easily gets tangled, this product from pH will literally change your life! The Hydrating Leave-In Detangling formula is for all hair types, and is enriched with Iris and Vanilla extracts. It makes the hair instantly soft, and frizz and tangle free.

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