Curly Hair Regime with pH

Published: 8/September/21/11:08: 09:17

If you have curly hair, you already know that caring for it can be a bit of a handful — You never know when it ‘spirals’ out of control! Our genetics don’t always leave us with the locks that we
desire, and we’re here to tell you that that’s not always a bad thing. Your curls may not be the luscious ringlets or perfectly tousled waves you see on television, but the first step to enjoying
them is to embrace them wholeheartedly! Once you accept the gorgeous mess that it is, the next move that will bring you closer to falling in love with your curls, is to identify the right hair

According to hair care experts, curly hair types are considered to be more fragile than others, and usually require much more moisture. With that in mind, your regime should ideally consist of a combination of products to keep your hair looking fresh, bouncy and in control. To achieve this, it’s wise to invest in an assortment of moisturizing styling products that will return the hydration to your coils and keep them healthy, while simultaneously minimizing breakage and damage. Applying products such as mousse or styling cream can further add some definition and softer texture, helping your curls maintain their shape and get that effortless shine! Here’s where choosing the right products for your hair comes into play.

pH is a brand that ticks all the boxes when it comes to caring for those precious curls. An avant-garde Italian company, the products focus on quality that ensures you obtain maximum results. Moreover, the entire hair care range is SLS and paraben free. pH has an arsenal of hair products all under the same umbrella, so your search for all the tools you need, starts and ends
at the same place.

Since a curly hair care routine typically calls for a hydrating shampoo, an anti-frizz conditioner, a curl defining cream and a styling mousse to finish with – pH’s newly-launched range comes
equipped with all of the above.

Hair wash – The ‘Smooth Perfect’ shampoo and conditioner range would be best suited for intense hydration that curly hair requires. Enriched with monoi oil and soothing floral notes, the hair wash duo is a taming ‘replumping’ treatment that reduces frizziness and eases detangling of hair.

Setting – After washing curly hair, it’s imperative to keep the texture intact while containing the frizziness. pH’s curl defining creme gives support and definition, leaving the hair soft and scented. Also, defining curls is best accomplished when the hair is soaking wet.

Styling – While trying to define your hair, ‘twisting’ the strands instead of ‘scrunching’, helps more. Using a diffuser to style it will also give it a more controlled look. But protecting your hair from heat is essential before using any kind of styling tool, to avoid frizzing and hair damage, which again ultimately comes down to the product you’re using to style it. pH’s styling mousse is the ideal candidate for drying with a hairdryer or diffuser. It eliminates frizz and leaves your hair soft, bouncy and static free.

Now that we’ve established an efficient curly hair care routine, here are a few additional basic hair care tips for curly hair:

1. Avoid excess shampooing
2. Use a wide toothed comb
3. Always use cold water to wash it
4. Use moderate heat while styling it.

Now go on, girl… Let those curls erupt with awesomeness!